DocMountain's Games and Videos

For the Love of Gaming!

These are the games Doc is currently playing!  New games will be added when we finish these games.  Check below for games that Doc has already completed! 

Current Games

The Legend of Zelda

Right now I am playing through all the Zelda games to celebrate the year of zelda! Love the Zelda games, come by and lets chat about your favorite game!

Final Fantasy Fridays!

Every Friday we are playing through the every single Final Fantasy Game! Join us on twitch every Friday as we progress through the series together! <3

Completed Games


XCOM2 is a game we often come back too we love it a lot in our community because it lets us connect and makes for fun times together, we also do challenge runs of it. Come and see us and create your character and we will do our best to make everyone survive and Get […]

Doom II : Hell On Earth

the second part in the journey that was playing every Doom (I actually decided not to play Doom 64 or Doom 3 though for different reasons) . I hated the last boss on Doom 2 but I liked the game in itself and had a good challenge on ultra-violence and the super shotgun was actually […]

Darkest Dungeon

I stream this game on Wednesdays 8 PM EST and Saturdays 2 PM EST I started streaming this game because I always wanted to try it and it’s a great game to meet new people. I also love playing challenging and hard games so I decided I would give it a try and the more […]

Ultimate Doom

I streamed The ultimate Doom as part of a journey I wanted to share with people. I actually had never played any Doom in my life before so I decided to play every doom on Stream (no particular order). I had a blast on my first experience and we were able to grow our community […]